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What does the premium package include?

The premium 8hr package is the most popular package that covers all the traditional moments from start to finish. Capturing bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, guests arrival, bridal party, reception, speeches, sunset shots, first dance and everything else in between that you desire. Selecting the premium package allows me to cover the full experience of the day and allows me to create a story driven wedding film.

What does the 5 hr package include?

The 5hr package is ideal if you just want your ceremony & speeches captured. You choose my start and finish times and I will capture every thing during that time frame. 

Raw footage add ons

Sometimes my couples just want the raw footage of certain moments on their own, whether that be a moment with your grandma, pa, mum or dad. When these special people are no longer with you, you will have footage of them giving you a hug or sharing a moment on the most special day of your life. Raw footage is a common add on for couples that just want a clip completely untouched in its natural form straight off the camera.

Life is so unpredictable. What is the first thing you do when you lose a loved one? or you are missing someone dearly? You look through your old photos & videos anything you have of them to bring back positive emotions and memories.

These videos alone will be with you forever and guide you through any tough times you face in life and to remind you how loved you were and how much you loved those so close to you. 

Photos are wonderful to freeze still moments

Videos capture genuine moments, voices of our loved ones, sound, movement, expressions and emotion that you can replay over and over.

I will design a folder that includes 10-15 raw footage of your choice. 
Prices starting at $300



What if we decide AFTER the wedding we want raw footage?

Thats totally fine! We don't know how the day will unfold and thats the beauty and excitement of the whole day! It doesn't have to necessarily be raw footage of special moments, it can even be a funny unplanned moment that you just want on its own to laugh at!

I shoot every wedding like you have booked my highest package that includes all my add ons. If you decide days after your wedding that you'd like to add on additional edits, we can discuss what you are wanting and I will gladly add them in. There is no pressure knowing all the answers up front.

Raw footage prices starting at: $300 per folder (10-15 clips of your choice)


How would you describe your filming style?

The best moments, are the unposed and natural moments. This day is your day.
Not your photographers or videographers day. 
We are simply their to capture you and all the details you put in to this day

If the main focus of your day is to have fun, enjoy yourself, celebrate your day with your loved ones rather then "staging the whole day" with unnatural posing etc then you need to find a videographer & photographer that will support that and not make you do anything that is uncomfortable or "not you".

But... what about couple, and bridal party photos?

 OF COURSE I will engage with you to give you some professional direction to help position you in the right way to achieve the most natural and candid moments in bridal party & sunset shots while keeping it fun and making you laugh along the way. As a film director I visualise the edit in mind while I'm filming on the day. I have a vision and technique to capture fun and romantic moments that allow me to create the best wedding video for you.

Please remember, from a videographers standpoint I want to capture MOVEMENT,  If I am filming you please don't shy away from the camera or try run away from me hehe Im filming you for a reason so keep doing what you are doing :)

I want to capture the energy of these moments!


What is your editing style?


Editing is where the magic comes together.
Creating a high quality personalised wedding film isn't a process that can be hurried along, for this reason I have limited availabilities per year and only accept clients that want my style of film. 

Storytelling in films is one of the most critical aspects of a high quality wedding film. This certain style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion, transition effects, color design, creative camera angles, creative camera movements, audio from vows that are carefully overlaid at certain moments throughout your highlight film to elicit deep emotions.

This film represents you and your love story as a couple so it is important that we capture ALL the special moments and everything in between, like the  natural sounds of the day, the inside jokes you both have that are caught on camera, the love letters that you read out, the excitement, the thrill, the nervous expressions you make. You get to relive your day over and over again and relive moments  and experiences that you didn't even realise happened on the day.

What is a story driven highlight film?

This film captures all of the highlights of the day  (5-6 minutes long)  I use the most intimate moments of the day and use the audio from vows, speeches, and the ceremony to create your love story  Raw footage without sound design is just moving pictures, so I carefully use my skills in sound design to set the right mood to elicit deep emotions which is then further enhanced by color grading. Every element of post production works to enhance the final product.

What is the "ceremony & speeches" edit?

Ceremony edit:
This film is the full ceremony that has a two camera set up to ensure there are no moments missed.  We have one tripod set on the groom to capture his reactions, and another hand held camera roaming around capturing the bride walk down the aisle and all the reactions during your ceremony.
This film is then edited incorporating all the roaming shots and finalised into a film for you to rewatch your ceremony from a whole new perspective.

Speeches edit:

​Your wedding is a celebration of your entire life up to this point. Your friends and families are the ones that watched you succeed and continue to support you through the the best times in your life. 

This audio is important for me to create your story driven wedding film, as these speeches represent who you are.

The words from your family & friends are something to cherish, to hold, to keep with you at all times. 

Relive your accomplishments through the heartfelt speeches spoken by your family and friends. 

What is the documentary film?

This film is your entire wedding's raw footage in chronological order with ceremony and speeches included. This film has no artistic layers involved and is a very basic edit. 

This film usually goes for 1/1.5hrs depending on your wedding day.


Who choses the music?

We ask that our clients trust us with all creative aspects involved in our work. This allows us creative freedom to deliver our style of the wedding film, and also to comply with all music copyright laws and support other creative artists. We will secure usage rights and cover all music rights fees for any songs used in your soundtrack.

Do you film solo? 

Yes! I film on my own, with a two camera set up.
The last thing you want on your wedding day is for it to be crowded with multiple people. It can be overwhelming.

In my experience, less people the less stress and more time we save because we don't have people getting in the way. It is important for the photographer and videographer to respect each-others needs and shots in mind of the day. Thats why it's important to chose a videographer & photographer who shoot with the same style and work together to make sure your day runs smoothly and we can deliver our style that you hired us for.

If you are having a big wedding and feel that a second videographer is more suitable for you then you can add this option on. I will recommend what is best based on our consultation. 

When will we recieve our wedding video?

​Each film takes around 30-60 hours to edit from start to finish based on the style of my films and all the artistic layers involved. During peak season your film may take 15-20 weeks to be finished.

No film will suffer due to rushing.

Your wedding day is just as important to me as it is to you. Editing takes time. Quality takes time. This film is going to enhances memories of significant moments. 

I want you to inquire not only because you love my work, but because you trust me to capture and deliver one of the most intimate, happy, and life-changing days you’ll ever experience. 

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