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story driven, romantic, luxury

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A wedding video is a priceless keepsake, it's the beginning of a lifelong journey of love and commitment. 

Our films captures emotion, vows, laughter, and tears transformed into visual poetry.

As the years pass, these videos become even more precious, reminding us of the love that blossomed and the promises made. They bridge generations, connecting the past with the present, ensuring that the love story endures.


"True love is rare, and it's the only thing that gives life real meaning."
- Nicholas Sparks

values I hold dear that are infused to each film and the service I provide

Wedding Film Videography | Videographer Australia


Love connects me to people. Love helps me get to know my couples on a deeper level. Love creates trust and without trust I would not be able to create films that have meaning.

All my films come from the heart and being your “friend” rather than a vendor helps me create a deep, intentional, story- driven wedding film.

Wedding Film Videography | Videographer Australia


Storytelling in films is one of the most critical aspects to a high quality wedding film. Without storytelling, and using real life sounds from your day, your film is just moving pictures that have no emotion and won't give you the same experience you
felt on the day.


A story driven wedding film captures character & communicates who you are, and what your story is.

Wedding Film Videography | Videographer Australia


Without a passion for film, love, and forming genuine relationships with my couples, I would not be able to create films with value and meaning.

I want you to rewatch your film and say "that's us, that's our story, look at all our family and friends there celebrating our love"

Wedding Film Videography | Videographer Australia


My goal is to create a joyful & memorable experience & to give intense dedication to each of my couples & listen to their visions while staying true to the style of my films. 


I am more than your "vendor", I am there to experience this moment with you, to ensure the day runs smoothly, to provide a calm presence through potentially stressful moments, to bring the energy for bridal party photos & capture the special moments that are important to you.

What Clients Say

If you’re looking for a fantastic wedding videographer, look no further. Before booking Elise I really contemplated if I really needed a videographer. Now, after seeing the content Elise created for us, it was worth every dollar. Every. Single. Cent. Elise’s videos captured the feelings throughout the entire day. I couldn’t recommend higher. She is a beautiful person inside and out who is a pure ray of sunshine. You can’t help but feel happy and warm in her presence. Don’t second guess, book her if you can!I don’t know how to word this in a way that does it justice. The wedding video is phenomenal. It is complete brilliance. I can’t believe I have this and I will have it forever.
Thank you for capturing all the small details that made my day what it was. Thank you for giving me something I can cherish forever and hopefully my future kids will have this and something to remember me by when they’re in my shoes without me.You captured everything and more… these little moments that I had only by fading memory, and now have video perfect forever. I cannot believe how beautiful and raw the content you captured is.- it’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together. Elise’s passion for her wedding videography is abundantly clear in every single video she creates.


kind words from my couples

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